Founder & Technical Director


Welcome! I'm the founder of Everyday Football, a family bounded by the love for football Everyday. 

A football was first placed at my feet at the age of three years old and I've been involved in the sport Everyday since. As a young child, I was given the freedom to learn through my own experiences which, for the most part, weren't always through structured sessions with qualified coaches but out on the streets until dark, in the garden, the kitchen and everywhere I found a spare second. 

As an FA qualified coach, I've now coached the game to young children and senior adults for more than a decade, not only in the UK but across the globe as far as the United States. 

Many of my experiences, learnings and core beliefs have shaped the Everyday Football philosophy to what it is today. I invite you to have a read through our philosophy, take a look through our services and see how you can maximise your potential Everysession, Everywhere, Everyday.


Strength & Conditioning Coach


I'm Danny, S&C coach for Everyday Football and owner of our partner Everyday Fitness. 

I'm an experienced youth development football coach and also specialise in strength & conditioning in adults and young children. 

As a family, we've been involved in youth development football for many years and the experience we hold in different areas has provided us with the foundation to create something special.


Working with my own children as well as the youth development teams I've coached in recent years, it shows no two children are the same. This has helped us understand there is no blanket approach when working with young individuals looking to explore their talents. 

We aim to create an environment where everyone feels welcome. Football is the focus of our coaching however, we also truly believe the lessons we teach can help all areas of an individuals development. 

Away from my role as Everyday Football S&C, I own Everyday Fitness Gym and Studios, manage and deliver Personal Training and Group Exercise. 

I look forward to meeting with you soon.


Welfare Officer


I am the Welfare Officer at Everyday Football, a position based on many years experience in the football environment.

First introduced to the role as Child Protection Officer (CPO) at our local partner club Shrivenham & Watchfield Royals in 2001. My involvement since then has extended to an active qualified FA coach in the youth development phase, First Aider and Club Secretary for both senior and youth football teams.

The experience I've gained through these multiple roles has given me a rounded ideology of the football environment in order to fulfill the welfare role and its requirements.

My position also endorses our football philosophy and ensures a safe, fun, well organized learning experience for Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday.